About Us


Inter Religion Harmony Society is known as IRHS, is a registered society in Bangladesh. Registration number: S-11586/2012. It was founded in the year 2012. IRHS has got registered address in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Branch in Khulna. 

IRHS is performing its activities, to the best of its efforts, in the interest of the mass people regardless of race, religion, color and nation. As IRHS is a Non-profitable, Non-political, Non-Government Voluntary and Charitable Society, our aims and objectives are for the betterment of mankind and for the society. Perfect man can only build a good society which brings a good and ideal nation. Without harmonious relationship between prople to people no society can build a good nation to march forward for a better country. Now-a-days, people are running for personal gain. Under the globalization and free economic world everything is market oriented. This marketing world neither brings peace nor makes ideal citizen rather they fight each other for personal benefit. People should live in peace, they should feel for each other. Peace and tranquility build a new society, new horizon, a better world for the new generation. Wtih proper implementation of religious doctrines, new generation can find a better meaning of life. For religion the world has noticed the loss of million lives but again, religion is the lone center where human want to take shelter. Its proper implementation is the only way to have peaceful life that ultimately brings a new harmonious modern civilized world.

We are working towards above hope step by step to materialize the dream which everyone dreams about.



To establish world peace through harmony among all religion and races in the world by 2050.


As this world is nothing without human race, we will make all our effort to bring changes in the human mind so that they can hear our voice to live together with a peacful with their own religion & belief and harmonious society. the day everyone stop fighting against each other, especially for the name of religion, will be the world's independance day.



  1. To take necessary steps for raising voice through different channels for establishing harmonious environment for all the religions and races in the society.
  2. To assess the vulnerability of various sections of the people including the minorities and the indigenous people and formulate strategies for intervention for permanent relief.
  3. To build awareness through social movement against corruption, violence against women and children and other social evils like dowry and discrimination.
  4. To provide legal aid for harassed and oppressed women, underprivileged and children.
  5. To undertake and carry on any humanitarian or charitable program for the poor and underprivileged people.
  6. To arrange/ take up training activities of improved educational program for literate and half educated people for the pupose of capability of work.
  7. To make awareness among the general public, poor masses and human Society regarding their beneficial program.
  8. To establish, run and maintain School, college, Training institute and such other educational institution both general and technical for the purpose of diffusion of useful knowledge among the people.
  9. To provide health and sanitation care and family planning.
  10. To innovate proverty reduction measures through research for outstanding and accelerated results.
  11. To enhance conventional poverty reduction measures through value addition.
  12. To conduct informal literacy and life skills development programs for the outreach children and adult.
  13. To improve governance at levels for quality service delivery to the poor and to enhance standard of business through program support.
  14. To develop entrepreneurship of the poor and vulnerable people to alleviate poverty.
  15. To develop trade skills of the unemployed youths for overseas employment and entrepreneurship development.
  16. To enhance quality of education and training.
  17. To disseminate information to create awareness against the causes of poverty and vulnerability.
  18. To introduce health and family wellbeing program to combat poverty, malnutrition and communicable diseases.
  19. To create concentrated measures against the impacts of environmental degradation and climate change through different program.
  20. To conduct training programs and provide financial supports for developing handicrafts and cottage industry.
  21. To empower the poor and vulnerable through permanent capacity building in terms of employment generation and entrepreneurship development.
  22. To create opportunity of education for underprivileged children.
  23. To launch relief and rehabilitation program during natural disasters.
  24. To provide financial aids and health care support to the underprivileged mother and the street working children.
  25. To support deprived artists and talents of other categories through different programs.
  26. To train and regabilitate the disabled persons.
  27. To launch anti-drug, sexually transmitted disease and AIDS prevention program to make a healthy society free of addiction.
  28. To conduct programs on arsenic and salinity mitigation.